Unveiling Spring.

Bloom. Refresh. Awaken.


To be honest, I typically do not think about the Spring season as much as I am realizing I should. I just kind of skip over it similar to how people are skip over Thanksgiving for all the Winter Holidays. But seeing how so much has changed and grown in my life, and after spending a period of reflection during the cold and rest of winter, I feel it is time to awaken to the new adventures calling in time for this new season - and what more of an appropriate time  to do this with than with the clean and fresh feelings of Spring.

This season, I am teaming up with my good friend Shawn of Old Town Roasting to create 3 harmonious morning treats to compliment with his 3 brand new single origin types of coffee roasts for a taste of spring! And thus...this menu was born! 

After trying to take a moment to stop and smell the lovely new blossoms and inhaling an abnormal amount of pollen, I began to note how fresh spring not only looks, but tastes. The greenery and scents of herbs are in full swing, citruses are abundant and fruits are just beginning to blossom foreshadowing the sweets for the following season of life (Oooooh, did you see what I just did there - the future is sweet ;)).

This season has inspired a lighter palette with all the fresh finds as a process unraveling before us. Spring in itself is a story, and I hope to create flavor profiles within each food pairing that represents chapters to your overall experience. And the best thing is that Shawn's coffee is perfectly in tune to spring with floral and mildly fruity notes with buttery and smooth textures!

SO, we hope to see you guys there to there this weekend to celebrate the blossoming of Spring Equinox with good food and even better company at the Artistry House. 

And the super bonus part to this is that 20% of proceeds goes to the Blind Children's Learning Center! I highly recommend visiting their website to see all the impact they are doing in our community.

We also want to highlight our sunshine to our blooming team with her awesome designs and BTS, Mizz. Dez of I am DEZ (Website coming). All of these beautiful designs to entice you spring and art were done by her wonderful creative genius! 

For more information of our Coffee Pop-Up check down below!

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We hope that this spring, we bloom into our greater selves, are refreshed with the abundance of rain and awakened to the crips and exciting newness of Spring's Bloom.


Love Always, 




Old Town Roasting is also doing a special Lavender-Infused Cold Brew and a special Spring Coffee Blend just for that day only!



It's my birthday, so come celebrate with me! Of course, I would guilt you into it.