The Last Two Months - One Word: Grateful.

The Last Two Months.

2016 was quite an interesting journey – but the tail end of the year set-up for a lot of exciting avenues for the New Year. The last two months have been a whirlwind – and I wanted to just take a quick moment to recap of what has happened and the new friends we have met along the way that you will see in the following posts and creative team. You will also be seeing a slight shift in the website as we are moving more into implementing why we are doing what we are doing. Be on the look out for the different projects we will be working on and how you can get involved (…like a secret invite to a pop-up dinner party ;) ).

Speaking for myself, this journey has always been about sharing stories over the table, bringing people – strangers and friends - together at the table, engaging in genuine shits and giggles, and slowing down to really experience a moment in time. To experience something as vulnerable (and necessary) as eating with others while I throw new flavors, combinations and other curveballs at you at the table, has been quite a joy for me -- as introverted as I am. And I loved hearing and seeing everybody’s individual and collective responses and the crazy stories being told at each dinner/project. Every single person I have met or gotten closer with has surprised me in one way or another. And it was/is so great :D. I don’t know exactly where we are headed. Where we will be. Who will jump on this train with me. Who will jump off of it. I just know that everything that will happen will happen, as it should with intention. I have an idea though. And I am excited and anxious for what is ahead (sleepless nights included…kinda). SO, I wanted to keep this brief so all there is left for me to say…

Thank you for letting me play and experiment with all of you and for being such good sports about it.

Thank you for trusting me to be apart of your collaborations and events.

Thank you for allowing me to be in your company.

Thank you for the memories shared.


And as always - cheers to good food. And even better company.

All my Best,



Enjoy the Photo Show!

Unlock Yourself – an interactive dinner party experience that incubated from the

heart of DTLA and brought to a Creatives Conference for a Breakfast Treat for the



Modcast Podcast Internview and Collaboration

Photo: Ian Ng

Photo: Ian Ng

Holiday Coffee Pop-Up with Old Town Roasting (look for post on this!)

Photo: Gregg Lawson at  Lawson Film

Photo: Gregg Lawson at Lawson Film



-- Special Thanks--

  • Creatives Nadia e Jorge, Art Director Desiree G. , Shawn A. of Old Town Roasting, Noah Elias, Paul and Julie of Contra Coffee and Tea , Gregg L. of Lawson Films , Diana at Muddy Hive.
  • All my friends, family and crew (also friends) who have supported this journey - I cannot thank you all enough and I cannot wait to share what is in store with you all in the future.