Chocolate Croissants

Happy Belated Croissant Day!


Has anybody noticed the increase in national food holidays? Anyway, it was a coincidence to experiment making these this weekend. This process was made possible the one and only IZY HOSSACK from Top with Cinnamon (we love your name too!) for making an amazing step-by-step tutorial on making these babies. Check it out here! And now I am hooked!

It was quite the challenge and took some time to get it like this with late night rescue sms to Eddie - and still a couple things to tweek in the future, but , hey, look! This batch turned out allllright. My first one was "A" for effort. But I'm actually giving myself a pat on the back for this one. I'm excited to keep practicing! Bonus - getting back into baking has been great stress-reliever (and a real arm work-out).

I left my second extra dough to rest in the fridge for a couple more hours before baking them fresh this morning...and it made them POOF more than my first batch! These also have chocolate in them from batons I found in my wondrous chocolate box.

Now, pretty much ready for delivery. They are a good pick-me-up, you know? Something about handmade things just say - love - probably because croissants(after this experience at least) are truly a labor of love (so if you get these handmade, you MUST be special - Haha)


 Perfect day to finish them off. Gloomy and rainy with warm croissants. Paired with a cup of tea or coffee - mine happened to get a splash of vodka - whoops -it was a special morning as I dreamed of places I want to learn and travel to. Now, it is time to take a stroll in the rain, and then...who knows:). 

Warmest Regards,